The Wyatts- (self titled debut)

In 2005, founding members Roscoe and Country Mac Wyatt formed and recorded the band’s first album simply entitled- The Wyatts. A collection of 11 songs that set the future narrative of The Wyatts and their reoccurring themes of falling in and out of love and getting the hell out of town. Originally a 3 song EP was released including the tracks 24 Miles, The Cage and Annabelle. After immediate radio interest the band went back and recorded the remaining songs on this CD. Instrumental from day one was bringing in longtime friend/musician and producer Tim David Kelly. Tim David Kelly is an American musician, songwriter, record producer and composer for television & film. He is best know for his work as the singer/guitarist of Kicking Harold who's song Gasoline was used as the main theme to the hit show Overhaulin'. Tim brought the cohesive glue and vision The Wyatts needed as at that time, country music was still quite “conservative”. Country music was being dominated on the radio by the traditional sounds not yet affected by the country rock, pop, EDM movement of today. The Wyatts were flying solo in this territory at the time as country rock was not an established (or accepted) format for commercial radio. That being said, The Wyatts song 24 Miles soon took to the airwaves and peaked at #36 on the Roots Music Report radio charts. Soon the revolution had begun. The reviews were in.

“The Wyatts fuse the perfect blend of commercial jingle-jangle and rural twanginess. Songs like “Annabelle” and “24 Miles” subscribe to traditional pop/rock songwriting while subverting themselves with deep pastoral undertones”

- Ryan Hoffer from Shut Eye Records.

“The Wyatts reach way back to when country and rock were virtually the same thing--their songs are country in their subject matter and style, but strip away the slide guitar, twang, cowboy hats and boots, and at the core is good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll”

- Stephen Seigel, The Tucson Weekly. 


Watch out for The Wyatts. Coming out of the Southwest, they are slinging roots twang and rock n’roll swagger with harmony vocals
and hooks galore.

- Duncan Hudson, KXCI Music Director, Tucson, Arizona

The Continuing Saga of The Wyatts (Volume One)

In 2007 The Wyatts headed back into the studio to begin work on what was initially to become a 20+ plus song concept album. Originally envisioned as an “all cards on the table” release The Wyatts were set to show off their many influences and styles that have affected them musically. From rock, soul, RnB to classic country the album was going to go deep into Roscoe’s songbook and expand the sound of The Wyatts. Unfortunately, touring, personal lives, personnel changes and a loss of vision side tracked the project. What remained was this release. The Continuing Saga of the Wyatts. Volume One. This time the Wyatts went to the world famous WaveLab Studios in Tucson, Arizona and worked with Craig Schumacher. Craig has worked with such artists as KT Tunstall, Neko Case, Amos Lee, Iron and Wine, Calexico and many more. Bringing the vibe and soul of WaveLab Studios was a big part of the decision to record with Craig. He understands the nuances of the song, the bands performance and how to create something bigger from all the parts. What was left is this straight up, return to your roots, country hoedown. Drawing from the bands deep love of classic country this album, unlike it predecessor, wanted to lean back on it’s country heritage and strip away briefly the rock and roll soul of the band. Radio and reviewers alike applauded the release. Some of the Wyatts strongest, most heartfelt and honest songs can be found here. 

“The Wyatts slam another album on the table of Roots/Americana country radio stations around the nation. And slam they do. This CD is slap your ugly face good. This Album is provoking and screams to be played again and again. The Wyatts are tight and as talented as any band on the scene. An outstanding album that will certainly become a signature release for this band.”

- The Roots Music Report, San Marcos, Texas. 

“It’s a twang fest with piano triplets, steel licks, romping tempos
and Telecaster snatches. I’ll bet these guys are great live”

- Robert K. Oermann, Country Music Historian / DISClaimer. 


“Finally, music that doesn’t suck” 

- Tony Hart, KSTV Mid-Days, Stevenville, Texas