Introducing: Forgive Me

"So excited to finally release our newest album, Forgive Me, to the world. This release was years in the making.  Lot's of love, tears, loss and laughter have been captured here through the entire production of this release. It's funny, as these songs came together they began to follow the events of my life. Quite unintentionally actually. It's been such a long time since we last dropped new music on you all and we appreciate you sticking by us as we set out to create something new, innovative and "fresh" while still remaining true to our Wyatts soul. I was really striving to push my songwriting and production skills to new places, exploring new sounds, ideas and themes. I truly hope you enjoy this as much as I had writing and creating this with the boys. Viva Los Wyatts! - Roscoe Wyatt, June 2020

Without further ado, we present- Forgive Me.



There’s good trouble and bad luck. Roughnecks and soft hearts. And tough decisions and easy rides. Over a decade in the making, Forgive Me finds The Wyatts at the crossroads of life and longing, love and failure—with the gleam of hope lighting the way forward. 


The seven-track album showcases the band’s signature musical craftsmanship and distinct, soul-grabbing songwriting. It focuses a searing spotlight on the fact that—no matter what we walk away from—we can’t walk away from ourselves. 



“Home” (Roscoe Wyatt & Warren Sellers)

The first part of life is spent trying to figure it all out. The second part is spent trying to forget all the things we did just trying to figure it all out. “Home” is a heart pounding musical journey that leads us back to where the quest began—the place we call home. 



“Everything” (Roscoe Wyatt & Jake Evers)

Forever doesn’t always last forever. And giving everything we have often isn’t enough. Fueled by a broken heart from a broken marriage, “Everything” explores how love can conquer all—except when it can’t. 



“You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye” (Roscoe Wyatt)

The end is never easy. And the truth is never simple. In relationships, both sides can be right and still feel wronged. Featuring Nashville artist Taylor Manns, “You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye” is soul and country, current and classic. 



“Talking Crazy” (Roscoe Wyatt)

Honkytonk chin wagging get a modern country-pop makeover. This finely crafted tune couples radio catchiness with powerful storytelling for a distinct song that’ll stay with you long after the last note plays.



“Sweetly” (Roscoe Wyatt)

One door closes. Another one opens. From the wreckage of a marriage, a new long distant love affair blooms. And a life is forever changed. With a sweeping string arrangement and driving guitars, “Sweetly” is a testament to longing and love.



“The River” (Roscoe Wyatt, Sherri England Gough, Curtis Marsh)

Born in the woodshed and whittled to perfection over the years, this anthemic cut sparks a feeling of long summer nights with friends, music, a few drinks—and your whole life ahead of you. 



“Forgive Me” (Roscoe Wyatt)

It’s time to man up for our mistakes, both past and present. Dedicated to the Monroes, a Navajo family that’s close with the band, the title track examines the injustice and tragedy that is woven through our shared history. 




Paved or dirt, straight or twisting, smooth or potholed—the road called life has only one destination: the here and now. 


So where the holy heck has The Wyatts’ journey taken them since the release of The Continuing Saga of The Wyatts. Volume One in 2007? All the way from the heart-pumping fast lane of playing in front of large crowds to the sorrowful detour of the untimely passing of the beloved band member Ryan Brunner, aka Kid Clyde. 


The band’s travels grew even tougher with the ending of their spiritual leader and songwriter Roscoe Wyatt’s marriage. Tour dates shortened. Time between gigs grew. But the strength of the Wyatts’ love as both a family and a band carried them through. 


The boys mustered together and hunkered down, and from 2012-2018 they explored musical genres, styles, textures and motifs, looking for the musical identity that rang true. Their soul searching paid off. They discovered a distinct sound that spoke directly to them—a sound that has come to define who they are. 


What followed was an all-out creative hootenanny. The result: Forgive Me, the first of two albums to be released over the next year. 


We invite you toss on your boots, dust off your hat, and get ready to do some traveling with us. We got a full tank of gas and the stereo’s tuned to The Wyatts. So call the shotgun seat and climb on in. We can’t say where the trip will take us, but we can promise it’ll be an amazing journey.