The Wyatts, Colorado-based country rockers, are from a town 200 miles or so away from Hank, 24 miles north of Elvis, a Stones throw east of Kid, and right next to Dwight. Their journey began in 2005 in Arizona with a vision of a cross-breed of RnB, Pop, Rock and Country, currently the “norm” of today’s Americana and Country music. They quickly became a “must see” regional band with their engaging and energized live shows, plus the sheer depth and diversity of their original songs and complimentary cover songs.

Over the last 12 years this quintessential “band of brothers” toured extensively, playing over 680 shows, including major festivals, such as Country Thunder in Florance, AZ to opening for Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Joe Nichols, Billy Ray Cyrus, Reckless Kelly and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. The Wyatts have received nationwide airplay with their Americana charted hit “24 Miles,” #36 on the Roots Music Charts, and were voted Band of The Year for 3 years (Tucson Weekly- 2006, 2007 & 2008). That's high praise from a town of one million people. Powered by BMI songwriter Roscoe Wyatt, The Wyatts are poised to replicate their success in the front range of Colorado. 

The Wyatts are unleashing their powerful musical vision in their new home state, from the Front Range to the Mountains, with a little twang here, some pop harmonies, and a whole lotta heart. A country band, a rock band, The Wyatts walk effortlessly between these styles and keep the crowd hanging on their every turn as they grow/extend their large and loyal fan base from Arizona to Colorado.

The Wyatts will release their third studio album “Forgive Me” in late 2018. Blurring the bounds of what country music is and what rock and roll has become (or may have lost), the new album draws on past influences while being presented in a modern context. The sound has a more focused, finely crafted pop sensibility layered on top of the country roots that have always been at the heart of the Wyatts’ sound. 

So sit back, relax, grab a whiskey and let the songs take you away. Be prepared for tone, truth, and twang (and don’t forget your dancing shoes.) 



“Watch out for The Wyatts. Coming out of the Southwest, they are slinging roots twang and rock n’roll swagger with harmony vocals and hooks galore."
Duncan Hudson, KXCI Music Director, Tucson, Arizona

“The Wyatts slam another album on the table of Roots/Americana country radio stations around the nation. And slam they do. This CD is slap your ugly face good. This Album is provoking and screams to be played again and again. The Wyatts are tight and as talented as any band on the scene. An outstanding album that will certainly become a signature release for this band.”

– The Roots Music Report, San Marcos, Texas


“The Wyatts fuse the perfect blend of commercial jingle-jangle and rural twanginess. Songs like “Annabelle” and “24 Miles” subscribe to traditional pop/rock songwriting while subverting themselves with deep pastoral undertones. The doo-wop melodies make them simply unforgettable—perfectly suited for Roots Radio and commercial airwaves alike.We here at Shut Eye love their stuff!” 

– Ryan Hoffer, Shut Eye Records, Atlanta, Georgia


“I’ve had great response at radio this past year with an exciting band called the Wyatts. Their first album received some very strong airplay and response from Americana, AAA and Country stations nationwide. Their newChristmas single was played on over 200 stations and radio is now eagerly awaiting a new album that they have in theworks for later this year. This kind of response isn’t the norm but it seems to be growing for the Wyatts. I’ll be looking forward to working with them in the future.”

– Bill Wence, Bill Wence Promotions


“The Wyatts reach way back to when country and rock were virtually the same thing--their songs are country in their subject matter and style, but strip away the slide guitar, twang, cowboy hats and boots, and at the core is good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. They recorded their self-titled debut with Tim David Kelly (Kicking Harold), and the record is full of sweet and smooth country melodies layered over hard-rocking guitar, bass and drums. Live, the country twinge is dwarfed by the rock ele-ment--in their hats and boots, The Wyatts make rocking like this look easy. “It’s more of a retro-country mixed with modernpop-rock,” said Country Mac. “It has the classic sadness of classic country,” added Roscoe.”

– Stephen Seigel, The Tucson Weekly


“Tucson’s wacky and rising country outfit the Wyatts are getting into the holiday music spirit. The cowboy-hat-clad quartet is serving up holiday spirit Old Pueblo-style in “Merry Christmas Darlin’,” a quirky, rockabilly-flavored, country swing romp. There’s piano, acoustic guitars and lap steel guitar and upright bass, played by Nashville royalty Chris Scruggs, grandson of Earl Scruggs. Scruggs was in Tucson to work on a recording project at Wavelab Studio with the producer Craig Schumacher. You’ll be two-stepping and sipping eggnog well into the new year. ”

– Cathalena E. Burch, Arizona Daily Star


“One of my personal favorites”

– Daddy D, KBSO Texas Radio Music Director, Corpus Christi, TX

“Finally, music that doesn’t suck” 

– Tony Hart, KSTV Mid-Days, Stevenville, Texas

“It’s a twang fest with piano triplets, steel licks, romping tempos
and Telecaster snatches. I’ll bet these guys are great live”

– Robert K. Oermann, Country Music Historian / DISClaimer



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Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2008)
Country Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2008)
Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2007)
Best New Release: The Continuing Saga of The Wyatts, Volume 1 (TAMMIES 2007)

Country Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2007)
Roots Rock Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2007)
Songwriter: Roscoe Wyatt (TAMMIES 2007)
Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2006)
Country Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2006)
Roots Rock Band of the Year (TAMMIES 2006)
Male Vocalist: Roscoe Wyatt (TAMMIES 2006)
Songwriter: Roscoe Wyatt (TAMMIES 2006)

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